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  •  Noun pl.~ies, Account of a person’s life. From Greek noun biographia: bios, "life", and graphō, "to write". Biographies are among of the earliest known forms of literature.


Wonder Woman

Culture caryatid

Knowledge as oxygen

My mom told me early on about Ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece - about the Assyrians and the Phoenicians. About the Renaissance, the Baroque and all the way to our day. I learned at a young age to appreciate knowledge and perspective. 

Education was a part of everyday life. We travelled constantly and our home was filled with foreign tongues. That is how my inner expansion started.


I call education my oxygen. 

Because without art, culture, perspective and critical thinking, all of which are my constant companions, I am certain I would have been duller, unhappier and certainly have more wrinkles than I do today. I'm serious.

I am Madeleine Jostedt Ulrici.

Journalist, project manager and presenter.

Business developer, vintage expert and scholar of art. Ancient historian

I'm an actor. Formerly, an opera singer. 

A travel producer. A cultural tour leader in the Judean desert. In Florence and Venice, Carthage and Naples. 

And no, I don’t believe there is a limit to how much a person can learn. 

That to me is true wealth.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Otherwise don’t.

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Earth’s center is deep.

But also magnetic.   

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The right choice at the right time is key to all success.

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