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  • Noun, pl.~ers, (from French verb présenter), is a person who relates a matter at hand to an audience. In my case gala events, workshops, lectures or media productions. 


Vessel of purpose 

Your message is my promise

As an actor and an opera singer I have met audiences for 21 years. But it is as myself that I’m really at my best.

My very DNA combines academic weight with genuine commitment, a sense of humour - and self-perspective.

No one can stand a total bore.

I'm fun. And sharp.

Successful presenting engagements so far include the grand finale of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2019, the prestigious Win Win Gothenburg Sustainability Awards 2020 & 2021 and the Gothenburg Christmas Concert 2021. In Autumn 2022 I hosted the international Gothenburg Port Day

Shortly after, I was contracted to agency Sveriges Talare 


I give lectures, lead workshops, do voice-overs for pressing current issues and moderate expert panels.

I’m simply the knock-out you were longing for,

that you didn’t know existed.

New teaser coming soon.


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