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  • Noun, pl.~ers, (from French verb présenter), is a person who relates a matter at hand to an audience. In my case gala events, workshops, lectures or media productions. 


Vessel of purpose 

Your message - my promise

As an actor and an opera singer I have met audiences for 20 years. But it is as myself that I might be at my best.

My very DNA combines academic weight with genuine commitment, a sense of humour - and self-perspective.

No one can stand a total bore.

I'm fun. And sharp.

Successful presenting engagements so far include the grand finale of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2019, the prestigious WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Awards 2020 --2022 and the Gothenburg Christmas Concert 2021. In 2022 & 2023 I hosted International Gothenburg Port Day

and was contracted to speaker's agency Sveriges Talare last year. In 2023 I'm honored to be the host of Shaping Sustainable Places - a podcast by Skanska.


I give lectures, lead workshops, do voice-overs for pressing current issues and moderate expert panels.

I’m simply the knock-out you were longing for but

that you didn’t know existed.

New teaser coming soon.

Under update - stay tuned! 

Video clips

(Exactly, and what is there to look forward to, you wonder, of course? Well, a bunch of amazing fresh clips and pictures of all the exciting things I've been up to lately! The plan is a launch of this material during fall. Until then, do enjoy my shady Youtube monologues on life and what not, as well as some older presenter clips. Hang in there people.)


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