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pro·­ject man­ag·er

  • Noun, pl. ~ers, individual with exceptional management skills and a creative mindset beyond belief. In my case, with style, depth and kick-butt timing too. 

Ready for the trip of a lifetime?

Resources often mean money.

Money comes when we believe in you.

We believe in you when you believe in you.

To believe in you, you must know what you're doing, why you're doing it and how you want it do be done.

I will help you devise it, express it, distill it and deliver it.

I create content that attracts, deepens and consolidates. Content that promises and boosts regrowth.

How big the money, how long-term the investments and how strategic the partnerships is up to you.

I'm specialised in larger-scale funding applications, project descriptions, letters of intent and report writing.

Among my successful clients and assignments are a wide range of A-list actors, singers, keynote speakers, political figures, independent stage art companies, The Swedish Biennale of Stage Arts, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Professional Journalist Course Journalistakademien.seThe Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra/ Side by Side by El Sistema and The Win Win Gothenburg Sustainability Award.

Come by for a coffee and we'll talk more.

Good, Better Best

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Project Management

A polyglot expert in solving unthinkable knots, graduated with honours in international project management.

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Business Development

 Strengthen your brand.

Create collaborations.

Increase your cash flow.


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Accessible creative content,

script work, free text and copy.

With style, depth and


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